Bikini Flavors swimsuits offer more bikini for your buck!  (So helpful for those of us on a budget)  Our mix-n-match reversible swimwear offers so many variations from just one bikini!  Going on vacation?  We've got you covered!    Space is often limited now days when we travel - there's not much extra room in my bag anyway!  Bikini Flavors is THE PERFECT bikini for your vacation... SAME tan lines, same amazing fit - different look!  You design your own suit for the day... All you need to do is pack one Bikini Flavors swimsuit and a few different strings and ties and you will look as if you are in a different bikini every day of the week!  BUILD YOUR OWN BIKINI!  Bring out that inner fashionista!   Tag us @Bikiniflavors in your posts wearing our swimwear    #byobikini #bikiniflavors