Unleash your inner FASHIONISTA with our Reversible Interchangeable Swimwear Collection! ✌️

STYLE over 16+ looks with 1 SINGLE SWIMSUIT!

Create an original look and customize your swimsuit with an array of stylish, interchangeable strings, straps or custom design sold separately. 🤩

Our innovative designs allow for an adjustable, comfortable, and precise fit, so you can stay worry free even after the holidays! ☺️

BONUS ~ Help to save the planet by reducing the amount of garments you purchase - one bikini provides endless options! 🌎

​Customizable • Reversible • Interchangeable Swimwear 💜

So... What's your Flavor? 👙


The Original (O.G)

Our Signature Bikini

With more than a dozen different ways to wear, this is our ORIGINAL go-to bikini for ANY and EVERY occasion!

The reversible silhouettes with interchangeable ties allow you to style it YOUR OWN WAY! Whether it's classic with strings, or styling it with straps or bling ~ our swimsuits are SURE to bring out your true FASHIONISTA!

You will be obsessed with the comfort, quality, and endless styling options (that can be achieved) with just ONE BIKINI FLAVORS swimsuit... AND - we are proudly MADE IN AMERICA.



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